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3 Most Popular Tools for Cross-Platform App Development

App development is a hot and rising field. Besides common utility apps and games, now all businesses desire their own apps. Apps increase functionality and exposure for a brand.

There is not a better time for app development. But if you’re stepping into the field just now – things might be a bit difficult with all that jazz from Apple’s human interface guidelines to Java programming for Play Store.

That’s why there are cross-platform app development tools. All you need to do is turn your creative mode on and design an app based on your unique idea. Coding and cross-platform compatibility will be taken care of by the tools.

No matter whether you’re doing Android app development, iPhone app development, or iPad app development (or anything else like Windows, BlackBerry, etc.) – here are 3 most popular tools for cross-platform app development (and a few other powerful ones).

1. Xamarin

  • Can develop Android, iOS, and Windows apps.
  • One of the industry-leading platforms to develop cross-platform mobile applications.
  • Comes with a free trial option.
  • Created with an efficient C# framework to dispatch powerful applications.
  • Owned and extensively used by Microsoft. Partnerships with IBM, Foursquare, Xoriant, etc.
  • You can utilize Xamarin's cloud service to do performance testing on as many as 1000 devices. Perfect accuracy isn't guaranteed though.
  • Code sharing is possible.
  • Good monitoring and analysis scope.
  • Xamarin recently attracted $54 million investment.

2. Adobe PhoneGap

  • Can develop Android, iOS, Windows, and BlackBerry apps.
  • Owned by Adobe. Completely free to use.
  • Based on the open source Apache Cordova project.
  • SDKs for the different platforms come embedded. So you just write code once and the Android SDK, Windows SDK, Xcode, etc. are taken care of automatically.
  • Very popular as it "bridges the divide between web and mobile." PhoneGap's power to create apps using web technologies is applauded in the development community.
  • Easy team reviewing option.
  • Cordova's efficient APIs to access the platform's native functionalities and customized plugins offer many possibilities.
  • Can translate code from HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.

3. Sencha

  • Can develop Android and iOS apps.
  • Offers many tools like Architect, Animator, etc. The main is Ext JS 5 that we're considering here.
  • Not really a translating tool, Sencha prepares code that can be fed directly to one like PhoneGap.
  • Enables you to write your app in HTML5.
  • Cross-browser, touch-device friendly, iOS and Android app development is made very easy with Sencha Ext JS 5.
  • The many inbuilt components and plugins save a lot of time while developing.
  • Sencha has a very easy to follow methodology and quick learning curve.

Honorary mentions We’re talking about cross-platform app development and there are names we can never miss. For some companies, these three names are even higher than the three we discussed right now:

  1. Alpha Anywhere
  2. 5App
  3. Appcelerator

Android app development and iPad app development are two most important fields of mobile app development right now. Especially if your focus is Android app development while also getting a decent support for cross-platform development, we must name a few others you can try out:

  • Unity 3D
  • Qt
  • iFactr
  • Kony
  • SAP
  • FeedHenry

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